Saturday, February 4, 2012

Need a FuN BirthDay Gift Idea??

I am definitely the type of person who will walk the store aisles back and forth and forth and back, looking, deciding, undeciding, looking search of a gift that they will like. Usually I have no clue what they will like! So....thank you again to Pinterest, I adopted a gift idea! This works wonderfully for, well, just about anyone! Nephews, nieces, friends, Mom, Dad- well, you get the picture. So, here's what I did! I got a handy dandy floral so. 
 They are available at any craft store. I get mine from the dollar store. This particular block has 4 small blocks in the package. I like them because if I need a shorter or smaller block, they are separated already and I don't have to cut them and make a big foamy mess! After I get the small blocks how I want them, I hot glue them together.

Here are a few other things you will need: 
4 boxes of candy (theater candy works great, and is also available at the good ol' dollar store)
4-5 (or more) of another type of candy that is in a smaller package (candy bars, gum, fruit snacks, etc)
thin wooden dowels (1/8 inch or so) I prefer bamboo skewers

tissue paper
ribbon, rope, string (optional)
and, as mentioned before, a hot glue gun and glue sticks

And, here we go!!! Once you have your foam block situated, form the boxed candy around it to make a "candy box". Hot glue the boxes of candy to the foam block. Don't worry if the corners don't match up perfectly. Just run a bead of glue in between the edges that are being difficult and hold them together until the glue dries. Then, hot glue the dowels to the backs of the other candies you chose. Once they are cooled, stick the pointy end of the skewer (this is why I prefer skewers vs dowels). Pull it back out, and do it again in another spot. Once you have all of your holes drilled, place your tissue paper inside your candy box. Then, poke your candy bar skewers through the paper in the pre-poked holes. If you wish, use the ribbon, string, rope, whatever you chose, to tie around the boxes to give it a little more hold, and a nice finish! Here is the one I made most recently.
I should have taken photos WHILE I was making it, instead of after it was finished. I will get better at this blogging thing. This makes a great gift! It's easy to assemble. It uses things that some of us have on hand, and it costs under $10! Happy gift making!! Stay tuned for my next 'Little Thing'.

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  1. Very cute idea Jamie! And I is one that you can pretty much use in any situation! :) Thanks for the adorable idea!